Texas Studies Weekly

By: Erin, Emory, and Tatum

A New Life

The following facts are from a ten year old boy named Jake, he kept a journal through his travels. He lived in Alabama with his parents back in the mid 1800's. In 1855 Jake's parents decided the family should move to a new state called Texas.

Part 1: Moving

Yesterday one of the wheels broke, but Pa and I were able to fix it right up. We traveled all day and camped at night. The next day we passed another wagon on the road. The family told Pa they had heard of Indian attacks in the area. The American Idians are upset that so many settlers are taking over their land. About a week later we were in Texas. Pa says we're heading for a place called Fredericksburg. Texas is beautiful. It is so green. There are trees and a creek nearby. Pa and I are building our new house. Ma will have her home soon enough.

Part 2: Mollie Bailey- Circus Queen and Spy

Mollie Bailey was one Texas women who put her life on the line. She was born in Alalbama in 1844. Mollie ran away and married a redheaded cornet player who played in his father's band. The boys name was Gus Bailey. Mollie and Gus performed a singing, dancing, and acting show across the Southern United States. When the Cilvil War began Gus became a bandleader. Mollie traveled with Gus. She helped nurse wounded soliders. But she wanted to do more. Mollie became a Spy. She dressed up as a poor old woman. She traveled to the Union camps and pretended to sell cookies The Union soliders did not think she could be working for their enemies. Mollie listened to the soliders talk. She tried to hear information she could take back to the generals. Mollie also hid packets of medicine in her hair and seceretly got it to the Confederate soliders who were sick. After the war, Mollie spent the rest of her life in the circus business. This was and exciting career. But nothing could ever compare to her days as a Civil War Spy.
Pioneer Wagon