Bouchell's Brilliant Third Graders!

May 6, 2016- Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you all SO much for the sweet flowers, candy, cards, and gifts this week!

It is truly a blessing to be able to have such a great class full of loving students and parents.

I really should be the one thanking you guys for all of the support! Your children have grown so much this year, and I am so proud of them! I can honestly say each one is READY for 4th grade and will be SUCCESSFUL in all that they do! Thank you for instilling your trust in me as a teacher and a leader to your sweet kiddos. :)

The Science and SS DA Dates have been switched! (They will still be May 9 and 10!)

Field Day and Class Party

Our Field Day will be May 19th.

Our Class Party is May 20th from 10:15 to 11:15.

What We Are Learning:

Math: Cumulative Test will be on Monday. Review packets will be linked to eClass by tonight. Check the "math" tab under content.

Reading: We will be continuing to independently read this week and write reading responses in our journal. In 4th grade, students will need to know how to write a detailed reading response!

Writing: We are publishing our final narrative next week.

Science/SS: Science DA is on Monday! SS DA is on Tuesday!

Important Dates:

May 9- Science DA

May 9- Carmen Deedy Author Visit

May 10- SS DA

May 11-Science Review Test

May 19- Field Day

May 20- Class Party

May 25- Last Day of School

Ask your child what they learned about at the career fair today! :)

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