Planets we can see!!



In March 2014, Jupiter pops out at nightfall. Mars and Saturn are rising earlier. Venus remains a brilliant morning object. Mercury is also up before dawn.


Jupiter is the only visible planet as darkness falls each evening, all through March 2014. Watch for the moon to pair up with Jupiter onMarch 8, March 9 and March 10.


Jupiter most of the night, dusk till wee hours after midnight Jupiter is still the planet to watch in March 2014. It’s the brightest celestial object to light up the evening sky in March 2014, with the exception of the moon. No star outshines Jupiter.


Still not sure which one is Jupiter? Remember it’s the brightest star-like object in the sky for most of the night, throughout March. Or … let the moon guide you to the giant planet Jupiter on March 8,March 9 and March 10.