Programmatic Pulse

March 2015

Your monthly recap of everything programmatic in a neat little package. Its purpose is to keep Vizeum and Discover informed by aggregating industry updates and new opportunities available through Amnet. We hope you use this as a reference and thought starter when thinking about programmatic

Programmatic Print - Time Inc Exclusive Offering

Exciting new offering from Time Inc linking the worlds of online and offline marketing

What is Programmatic Print?

Audience buying made available by Time Inc. to reach segments across its diverse magazine subscriber base off and online

Offline Component - Buy specific audience categories based on on total offline reach across Time Inc.'s magazines (rather than based on specific titles), and sold on a CPM basis, which has never been done in print before. Deals are done with a two-month lead time in order to meet the needs of going to press

Online Component- Allows buyers to target digital ads against the same audience offered offline allowing the offline campaign to be reinforced with targeted digital advertising across display, mobile and video channels with the same flight dates as the print run

What Audiences are Available?

Audiences in the categories of Luxury, Men, Lifestyle, Business/Finance, and Rapid Scale

(Reach out for details of category audience)

What is Unique About Programmatic Print?

Not only is this the first time print audiences have been offered through a digital media buying platform, but it is also the first time that these audiences have been sold on a CPM basis, irrespective of individual print titles. Historically, to buy these audiences clients would have to negotiate with each publication.

With Programmatic Print, the buyer simply buys their desired audience target, and Time Inc will distribute their ads across magazine titles to meet the targeting and reach of the buys. In addition, print metrics are available to buyers from MRI

Amnet Partner Updates

iTunes Radio - Amnet has just struck a partnership with Apple offering us access to iTunes Radio inventory programmatically through Apple's Workbench suite. Amnet is the only agency/trading desk being granted direct access to this audio inventory.

Brightroll- Our contract is finalized giving us hands-on access to manage video campaigns through the Brightroll platform on Discover's behalf. Additionally, by being fully integrated with our DMP, we're able to provide holistic view of your audience and do cross channel retargeting based on user engagement. And of course, we'll be able to buy against 100% OCR

Industry News

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