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 Thank you for visiting our Team MUD BATH AND BEYOND web site. Team MUD BATH AND BEYOND was developed several years ago by a group of hog breeders in the area of Hart, TX area that had students showing for my FFA Program. Our main goal was to produce high quality show pigs at an affordable price for 4-H and FFA student success. Today, our group has grown above and beyond our initial expectations. With over 90 sows in production and over 25 boars on stud, we have pigs available for your inspection year round. Most pigs are sold off the farm by contacting the breeders on the home page list or me. We have an annual pig sale the second week of November called the City Lights Pig Sale that has really been good for our group and the buyers who have attended. If you are in need of a show project, semen, breeding stock, or just a good quality hog, we will have someone in our group that can meet your needs.

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