Mrs. Sypher's Class

By Mrs. Sypher's 5th Grade Students

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Mrs. Sypher

by Harish

Mrs. Sypher is an amazing teacher. She is amazing because she treats us with respect. She respects what we care about and helps us learn in a way we want to. All of the class loves Mrs. Sypher, and we are lucky we have her as our teacher. She is the most amazing teacher anyone can wish for. Once, we were feeling a bit tired, so she let us do stuff in the hallways, like jump and run. Mrs. Sypher loves science. In fact, it is her favorite subject, but she also likes the other subjects. She loves us and always plans the best for us. She is why we are one of the top classes in the school. We love her as a teacher just as much as she loves us for students, which is a lot.

Mrs. Sypher has two daughters: Hanalyn and Quinna. Hanalyn is 24, and Quinna is 21. We have talked to Hanalyn, and she is so nice >_<! We haven’t talked to Quinna yet, but I’m sure she is nice too. Mrs. Sypher gives us candy for math. One time, we got to do math with Skittles, and after we finished, we got to eat them. It doesn't surprise me that she gives out candy because her favorite food is candy! She loves it so much she gave us a ride-on for five pieces of candy the week after Halloween! She is just an amazing teacher.

Our Class

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by Beau

Our class is very enjoyable, inviting, convivial, and very enthusiastic. We are questioning, loud, and funny. We are well behaved during the lesson when the teacher is talking. And we are responsible. We do fun activities, And we do party when we get 10 Ride-ons.

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by Siva

In math, we are currently learning about volume. First, we as a class are given three-dimensional shapes on the screen and are asked to figure out the volume of it. After a few of those problems we are split into groups by color-coded tables and are given different structures each, we are given a specific amount of time and are asked to figure out the volume as a group

then we are asked to send a person from our group to represent our work

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By Kaitlin

Mrs. Sypher’s class has been writing fantasy stories this past month! Every writing lesson, Mrs. Sypher teaches us about things we should have in our stories to make them better. Mrs. Sypher’s lessons are clear and they get to the point, so you know exactly what she means. When we have time for writing, we always have thirty minutes to write our stories and we are always guided well. Mrs. Sypher gives us a ‘timeline’ so we know how many days we have to write, which day we revise, and which day we peer edit. When we send it in, Mrs. Sypher gives us a little bit of time to turn it in, and it is really nice because it allows us to fix any problems we might have with sending it in or other things like that. Mrs. Sypher will usually read them and praise us for what we did well, and she will let us know, nicely, what we did wrong.

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by Maddison

We are learning about plants. We are doing experiments on what a plant needs to grow. Different tables are doing different things by taking different things away to see if it will survive.

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by Janluca

Most of our class LOVES reading! I, personally, love reading words, and so does Mrs. Sypher! Mrs. Sypher is an AMAZING reader, and we have a miniature library full of a variety of genres of books that we like to read. Like fantasy, non-fiction, fiction, and so on.

Book Clubs

Every week, we do book clubs in groups. Each group has about three to five people. Then, we are assigned books to read, and we must finish the book on a specific date. Each day we must read a specific amount of pages based on our total bool pages. Every meeting we have to talk about what happened in the book. Like, what was surprising to you? What did you think was crazy? Etc. And every book club meeting, we assigned book club jobs such as Discussion Leader, Word Wizard, Summarizer, and Recorder. The Discussion Leader leads the discussion by asking questions, the Word Wizard shares the words that they think are unusual words that the group might not know, the Summarizer summarizes what happens in the book, and the Recorder writes down what happens in the meeting.

Type of Books

We have read lots of different types of books in the past. So far we have read: Fiction, Nonfiction, Black History, and Fantasy.


So far, reading has been a pleasant time in our schedule. We love doing book clubs, reading in particular, and read-aloud. In my opinion, Mrs. Sypher is the best read-aloud person in the whole entire history of Elmonica Elementary.

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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

The mission of Elmonica Elementary is that together we promote high standards by:

· Practicing critical thinking skills through inquiry.

· Acquiring in-depth knowledge of globally significant ideas.

· Appreciating the unique qualities of each person, creating empathy, compassion, and international-mindedness.