7th Grade Family Newsletter

November Edition

Kansas State University Engineers Were Here!

KSU Hispanic Engineering Club reached out to JCMS early in September to talk to middle school students about careers in engineering. We set up 2 days for them to come and talk about engineering and do some cool science experiments in October.

The counseling center used the computer program, Xello, to find students who might also have an interest in engineering as a career. We also spoke to science, computer and technology based classes for recommendations. We had 80 7th and 8th grade students who participated.

Next semester we are looking at catching any students we may have missed and bring some 6th grade students after they get their Xello results and invite them back again. Below are pictures of the event.

Big picture

Counseling Corner with Frint

Holy moly was October a busy month for me as a counselor. Organizing the KSU Engineering event, talking to Team Student reps, gathering and processing reading and math data to help identify needs for students, talking to students and parents about their educational and social emotional needs and meeting with JCMS staff. I didn't get nearly as far with any of my plans regarding career lesson plans as I hoped and it is looking like something that will be happening more in December.

We are over 30% completed with the school year and you have attended your first student led conference of the year. Has your child completed goals they have set for themselves? Do their goals need to be re-evaluated or reset? I'd encourage setting at least one academic and one personal goal. For total transparency - I have set numerous professional goals this school year, some I have been successful with, some I have failed miserable with and some haven't even got off the ground yet. Here are a few of the goals for the year:

- Monthly parent newsletter (check, so far)

- An academic WINN where I work with small groups of students (check, during the 1st 9 weeks)

- Work with 7th grade students on developing a career fair (failure so far, but I still have 2nd semester)

- Doing research with students regarding jobs they have interest in (failure so far, but still time achieve)

- Communicating with families and JCMS staff efficiently and effectively (attempting but don't know if I have the goal accomplished.)

Why am I sharing all of these goals? I think it's important for goals to be set so there is something to reach for and it's okay to fail. I want to instill in the Class of 2025 never being satisfied where they are and always to try and improve. The only failure in life is not trying.

As you know, November is a short month, but full of academic work and extracurricular activities. I'd encourage you all to continue working on those family routines and watch out for that October Slump which can continue into November.

Until next month.

Michael Frint

7th Grade Counselor



Meeting with Team Student Reps

Mr. Frint will be meeting the designated team student reps the on Wed, Nov 6th (Team 7); Thursday, Nov 7th (Team 5) and Wed, Nov 13th (Team 6) during CAT Time. Some of the agenda items will included: Figuring out team challenges for next semester, helping with new students to JCMS (7th grade has added almost 10 new students in the last month), what are some of the positives and some issues we need to improve on at 7th grade to make the rest of the school year great.

If you have an issue you feel the team student reps and I should discuss please let Mr. Frint know.

Electives for 2nd Semester

Please be sure to review your child's 2nd semester electives - elective change requests will be reviewed on an individual basis but need to be made before Thanksgiving. Also be aware space is very limited in electives and only minimal movement can be made. For students who were here in 6th grade, their elective picks were rank ordered and used that information as a basis to pick classes for this year.

Classes that can be repeated the same school year - vocal music. A class that was started at the beginning of the year was Art 2 - the prerequisite is to successfully completed regular art class. There are very limited seats, less than 15, so it will be on a first come basis.

Coming Soon - Social Emotional Character Development Standards on the Report Card

USD 475 will be easing it's way into using social emotional character development (SECD)standards to evaluate student emotional growth which will be shown on report cards going forward. This grading period, CAT Time teachers will be evaluating the SECD standards and continue to grow from there. The SECD standards that will be evaluated are -

Self-Awareness: Self Regulation

Social Awareness: Respect

Relationship Skills: Conflict Resolution

Relationship Skills: Communication

Self Management: Work Ethic

Responsible Decision Making: Identifying and Solving Problems

The district is in the process of creating brochures which explain the SECD standards and the scoring procedure in more detail so stay tuned. (By the time you receive this they may or may not be out already.)