Message to the Readers

DODGE 2015

Dear Readers,

First of all, we would like to extend our gratitude to you for purchasing Volume 1 of Dodge Magazine. Second, as this is our first ever published magazine, we are glad to inform you that pieces of knowledge and tips for college life has been the focus of this magazine. Expect that the contents of this magazine will be beneficial for all college students out there worrying about loads of work to do and grasping for ideas on how to dodge out the stress and live a healthy life amidst all the burdens they are facing. Lastly, we are hoping that you will enjoy reading this magazine and look forward for more volumes to come! Be fit, healthy and strong! God Bless !

Yours truly,

Beryll Anne Miro

External Editor-in-chief


Internal Editor-in-Chief: Majdi M. Nurhasan

External Editor-in-Chief: Beryll Anne L. Miro

Associate Editor: Marco Paolo M. Pulido

Layout Design Head: Morisse Tracy Austine T. Paz


Danielle Perias , Jason Ozoa, Jamel Esmail Omar,

Zach Leand Pantaleon, Zaldy Pagaduan, Alec Dwayne Quimco,

Aljun Oftana, Keith Perocho, Aaron Franz Praca,

Morisse Tracy Austine Paz