Margam, South Wales

Day 1 - Thursday

This blog will give you an outline of the activities and tasks on the 2013 Geography field trip. It will also tell you how to complete the tasks for the controlled assessment.

After a warm drive along the M4 we arrived at Margam Education Centre, near Port Talbot in South Wales. 30 year 9 & 10s are out of school for a field trip to collect data for their GCSE controlled assessment on the River Ogmore.

Upon arrival we toured the Eco-friendly centre and had lunch. After settling into our rooms we went for a 3.8 mile walk over a near hill where we learned about the area that we are staying in.

After the walk we headed to the classroom to begin the controlled assessment, all of the task are written below.

Day 1 Tasks

The Water Cycle and RIvers.

We started by learning about rivers and how valleys are formed. We looked at how rivers typically change through their course from small streams to wide meandering rivers towards the mouth. We used this information to form a hypothesis which we will test in the data collection.

Task 1 - Writing a hypothesis.

Any piece of field work needs a hypothesis which needs to be proved or refuted (disproved), instead of being a question like "do rivers get wider downstream?" they are instead written in the style of a statement.

Such as:

  • I believe that the velocity of river increases as it gets closer to the river mouth.

  • My hypothesis is that the width of the river increases towards the mouth.

For the GCSE coursework you need 2 hypotheses to be discussed. These can be linked together or separate and it is entirely up to you. In order to write a great hypothesis you need to outline why you think this is going to happen for example:

"I believe that the velocity will increase downstream because the river is wider and deeper and therefore the cross-sectional area has increased meaning more water can flow through the channel."

It might be that you have seen a model, or theory that says you should be able to expect certain things to happen. If you have used a model to predict how the river will change you need to say which one it is, as this will get you points and will also make you look smart.

Day 2 - Friday

Friday, July 19th, 9pm

Margam Country Park, Margam, United Kingdom

  • Breakfast
  • Introduction writing - how to do it.
  • Map reading and catchment analysis - River Ogmore.
  • Practice data collection on the Nantes Philip
  • How to write a methodology.