The Land of Keithanville

By: the one and only Keithan Sharp

For there once was a land called Keithanville. It was located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The ruler of Keithanville was Mr. Keithan Sharp. Keithan was a wonderful ruler, but his land was home to chaos. The people of his land were angry, savaged beasts. There was nothing he could do because everyone in Keithanville gossiped, and nobody was trustworthy. This lead to angry people, which led to mobs, which led to vandalism. This cycle was continuous, until one day when Mr. Sharp had a glorious idea!

Mr. Sharp ordered everybody in Keithanville to come to the center of the town to hear him give a speech. If you didn't come listen bad things would happen to you. He gave a speech that went along the lines of this: "I have been witnessing these terrible mobs and deaths with my own eyes. I have seen our economy tank and I have taken the blame. I know deep down inside of each and every one of you, is a compassionate, caring human who wants peace and longevity. I am going to pull that out of you bit by bit. We will NOT accept these kinds of lives for us, or our children, or our children's children. We will NOT accept to be the laughing stock of the world. We will NOT accept what we have! We can and we will change for the better!!!" Keithanville suddenly changed. Their economy was no longer tanking, but it was growing. There were no more mobs or violent deaths or vandalism. People were no longer scared of the streets of Keithanville, they flocked to go there. Keithan Sharp was knighted and became Sir Keithan Sharp. He was famous and loved, and never again was there any gossip or dishonesty in the streets of Keithanville.

Life Lesson: Never gossip and always be honest