FALL 2020

Election sources and more...!

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Don't let another long weekend pass you by without Checking out a Good Book!

Students and teachers - November has two long weekends! It's time to unplug from your screens. Don't know what to read? Browse our recent acquisitions here, or see or email Mrs. Davis, mdavis@wmrhsd.org for recommendations.

Election 2020 Sources

November 3rd will be here soon! Explore this 2020 Election LibGuide to find information and resources on voting, media coverage, candidates, issues, polls, fact-checking, political parties, the electoral college, and more.

It's Back - The Quiet Study Room...

Need a quiet place to study, read or do some homework? The Quiet Study Room is now available for your use. It's the first room on the left side when you enter the library.

Celebrate Media Literacy Week......

...By taking a News Literacy Moment!

Distinguishing between News, Analysis and Opinion is something most people find difficult at first, but after learning the difference, it's a lot easier to spot.

News is what happened. It presents facts to the public so they can decide for themselves the meaning of events.

Analysis is an expert assessment. Analysis writers, therefore, have experience and knowledge which they use to interpret a matter. They provide the reader with facts and evidence. They do not include their own opinion.

Opinion is what someone thinks happened. An Opinion article is an interpretation of an event or events. While an Opinion article voices a point of view, it must not misrepresent other points of view.

Readers must know what they are reading. They must not think they are reading news when they have an Analysis or Opinion article in front of them. Therefore, Opinion and Analysis should be clearly labeled as such.

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Interested in becoming a National History Club Member?

The National History Club brings together students with a passion for history. Members will participate in various history-related activities that will encourage students to be informed citizens who contribute positively to society. The NHS publishes an e-Newsletter three times a year. Click the link to view their Spring Issue and see what high school clubs around the country have been doing.

If you think you would like to join the WMC National History Club please SIGN UP HERE...!