Its Ocean Time

By emma

How Oceans Are Formed

  • Oceans are formed by the steam from lava.The oceans water came from rocks inside the newly forming earth.As the molten rocks cooled, they released water vapor and other gases.But 70% of the earths surface is covered by water that's divided into 5 oceans.

Atlantic Ocean

The atlantic ocean is in part of Afirca,Europe,and North America. Most of the ocean is in more of the Earths land areas. It affects the people by getting food and traviling. But it is sometimes cold.

Pacific Ocean

The pacific ocean is in part of North America, South America, and Asia.It is 36,201 feet it is much deeper than earths highest mountain. It effects the people by the ice burgs. IT is one of the largest oceans in the world

Indian Ocean

The ocean is in part of Afirca, India, and Arabia. More than 2,000 years ago traders saild the ocean. It effects people by the old underwater. It is one of the coldest oceans.

Artic Ocean

Its in the country of North America.It is the smallest and coldest ocean.There are ice burgs formed there and some people fish there.And some wild animals live there.