Little Fairy Penguins

by: Maya

who are the little fairy penguins enemies?

The little fairy penguins have preditors on land, in the sky, and in the sea. Seagulls, arctic skuas, and sheatbills are some of the fairy penguins preditors from the sky. Killer whales and seals are their sea preditors. Because fairy penguins are small, its easier for their preditors to attack them. Cats, dogs, humans, and even ferrits are preditors for the fairy penguins on land.

What do little fairy penguins eat?

Little fairy penguins eat anchovy, sprat, sardines, krill, and squid. Although they prefer anchovy, they like to eat the other foods too. Alot of times they go out in groups to search for food, but sometimes they go alone to hunt. Most times the male penguins hunt, other times both male and females hunt. While the adult penguins hunt, the baby penguins stay home.

Where do the little fairy penguins live?

Unlike some other penguins, the little fairy penguins prefer warm water instead of cold water. Mainland, New Zealand, and Tasmania are some of the places little fairy penguins live. The warm waters of Australia is also where the little fairy penguins live. Since most other penguins like cold areas, the little fairy penguins do not live close to other species of penguins.

What are some intresting facts about the little fairy penguins?

Little fairy penguins have greyish blue eyes, but most other penguins have dark brown eyes. Since the little fairy penguins are swimmers, thier maximum swimming speed is 2.5 kph (1.6 mph). They rely on burrows and a nocturnal life syle to avoid preditors. In some areas the little fairy penguins are known as the little blue penguins. They are also known as one of the smallest species in the world.