Off-season Strength & Conditioning

Baseball Specific Workout Program Plan

The off-season is here...

Baseball players need a type of conditioning that develops strong and athletic bodies. This conditioning includes stabilization, flexibility, and of course strength. I, Devin Rosen, have developed a specific program for all athletes, especially for baseball.

I come from a professional baseball player background. I have also worked with and studied under the best trainers in professional sports.

Workout Description, Options and Rates

Group Training

Workouts are 60 minutes of intense training. Reaching goals to improve the following; strength, endurance, flexibility and injury prevention. I will provide coaching and instructional training, as well as discussing proper diet and nutrition.

Private training

One on one personal training for 60 minutes. First workout includes assessment for developing a custom workout that provides advanced training to focus on all strengths and weaknesses for the individual athlete.


Group Rate ($18 per player) one hour workout training session

Private training ($45 per session)

For Questions Please Contact

Devin Rosen at (630) 464-8992

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