Poetry's Breaking Point

~Lauren Cram~

People in life go from being romantic, then suddenly being twisted in the blink of an eye. Edgar Allan Poe was one of those people. Poe had a series of event in which lead him to his horrible life, and he put it all on paper.
Poe had becomeand avid writer at an early age and succeeded in school because of it.

"While the other boys wrote more mechanical verses, Poe wrote genuine poetry: the boy was born a poet."-Professer Clarke

Professer Clarke had said that when Poe was in early schooling. Because Poe had loved writing so much, he had a full manuscript at twelve. He had dreamed of being a writer all his life. He never cared about his foster dad's tabacco industry. At the time, Poe wrote mostly about little girls, but that was soon to drastically change.

Poe's writing choice had switched as he grew older. Many things had happened which took his life as a romantic poet, to a dark, depressed poet who wrote about death, separation, and depression. First,his family suffered many finance problems, so Poe had to be moved around the globe to different countries (mainly the United States and England). He was spoiled by his parents, so that had a burden on him when there simply wasn't money there anymore. Also, because he had to move so much, he couldn't make close friends. Those are just some of the troubles he had as an early teen, but he saw a woman bythe name of Mrs. Stanard. Poe told her all of the troubles that was bothering him, and they became really close and visited each other frequently. She died unexpectedly, and that was very shocking which only made things worse. Then, his foster mother, Fanny Allan, died of tuberculosis just like his real mother. Poe's foster mother had always loved him, but his foster dad, John Allan had never really liked him at all, so they grew further apart. Even worse news, most of his family died of tuberculosis which included his mom, girlfriend, stepmom, brother, and wife. That 'inspired' "The Raven", which was the turning point for Poe's dark, twisted poems.
He soon went to college to attend the University of Virginia at the age of seventeen. His foster father had sent him away with about one-third of the money he actually needed. Poe burned furniture to keep warm. He was in such bad shape, he started gambling nights away. He owed so much money to the school and had so many gambling debts that he would write to home , so john could send money, and he would beg friends too. A frustrated John Allen sent money but then stopped because it was too much. After eight months Poe was kicked out and sent back home. The affect of being kicked out made Poe start to write more and more. by eighteen he had a manuscript, and it was published as his first book (Title N/A). Only fifty copies printed, so the writing business didn't exactly take off, so he couldn't make a living. This infuriated John, and Poe's relationship with his family just got worse.
Poe's relationship with his family heavily affected the way he wrote. He ever knew his real dad, but he knew he had a hot temper. was a drunk, and gambled. His foster-dad didn't care about him much, and they never grew close. His brother betrayed him and copied his writing (plagiarism). His fiañce had left him before they got married. Then most of his family died after, and all he had was his foster-dad.
Later in his life, Poe had started publishing his short stories, one of which he won a contest sponsored by the "Saturday Visitor". Because of the contest, he published more and that gave him editorial positions at the "Southern Literary Messenger". Within a year, Poe helped make the "Messenger" the most popular magazine in the south. He soon developed a reputation as a fearless critic. \Poe had finally found his life's work.
At the age of twenty seven, Poe married his cousin Virginia, and she was thirteen. she was a devoted wife and both were happily married. They moved to Philadelphia, and Poe wrote for many magazines. He was the editor of "Burton's","Graham's", and sold articles to "Alexander's Weekly". His fame grew, but his money didn't. He could still barely make a living. To make matters worse, Virginia died of tuberculosis. In January 1845, Poe published "The Raven", which is one of his most famous poems. He could now draw large crowds around him. Rumor then soon started, and Poe's success turned for the worse.
Poe had a mysterious death. He tried to get away from his troubles by drinking. He started drinking so much that when would walk into a room people would automatically think that he was drunk. People would avoid him like the plague. He kept writing and wrote to his aunt,

"My life seems wasted -the future looks a dreary blank."

In search for work, Poe went to Baltimore, but then, he vanished for six days. He unexpectedly showed up at a bar, and he was, obviously, drunk. It was sheer coincidence that some of his distant relatives were there. They put him in the drunk ward, so he could sleep it off. The next day, he still seemed drunk. He was now speaking gibberish. Another day passed, he still seemed drunk which he shouldn't have been. He was reluctant to water and food. One more day passed, and Poe was delirious and blabbered about the same name, Reynolds. The following day he died. At age 40, October 7, 1849, famous Edgar Allen Poe died. No one was ever sure how he died, but everyone was sure how much of an impact his poetry had on the art of writing.
Poe had a truly tragic life. He expressed it all through his work though. Tragically inspired art is truly the best kind because of the deep scars, passion, and emotion all poured into it which can really move someone. Poe was a mirror image of that, and because of that, people remember him today.


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