zombie apocalypse survial guide

how to be safe

Canadian shield


hills are worn by erosion. Hundreds of lakes carved by melted glaciers. Surrounds the great lakes.


i rate 10 that you will be able to survive


You will be able to live because one its surrounded by water so if they find you just go under water. There could be a really secret place under there. the is a lot of trees there so you can hide. There is no one living there because there is no houses.

Rocky Mountains


stretches from Alaska to New Mexico

younger and taller than Appalachian Mountains

Rugged and pointy

Contains the contenental divide


i rate a 5.3 chance that you could survive


the mountains are tall but they are old so they could crack.

Zomies could climb on them without any worry but a human being could fall due the that persons wieght. If your in Alaska you could just run to New Mexico. Mountains are pointy so if the zombie falls it could land on something pointy.Also the mountains are tall so you could get away faster.

Great Plains


It has a flat land.

Known for dry grass land.

Common area for Tornados


i rate a 2.5 chance you could live


a bad reason to hide there is that there could be a lot of tornados there. The tornados can hit a human and it could hit a zombie on the head. if you run and fall down you could get hurt on your knees because of the dry land. the good the about hiding there is that the land is very flat. Zombies walk slowly so you could just run and be careful. During a tornado you can hide somewhere safe and zombies couldn't.