Eric Ortega, Period 5


Two-Bit is 18 years old. He is famous for shoplifting, So that means he is a criminal. Two-Bit real name is Keith. Two-Bit is 6 feet tall. He run's from cops a lot. Two-Bit is a huge joker. Two-Bit is still in the 11th grade.

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Two-Bit likes to joke around a lot. He likes to threat the soc's. Two-Bit does nothing for a job.

Prized Possesion

His most prized possession is a pocket knife. The reason why he carries a pocket knife is because if someone tries to jump him he can pull a knife on them.

Relationship in greaser

he has a relationship with a gang. This is the gang Two-bits is in. And Two-bit is the one in the mickey mouse shirt on the left.
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Two-Bit personality is jokester. He likes to be a class clown and a clown. He always makes funny remarks. And he really loves Mickey Mouse.