Luna Nunes

I am a soccer player

Family History/Tree

My family is prite big. I have three brothers Pedro the oldest that is 23, Gabriel the youngest of the boys that is 16, and Rafael that have 21 and his twin sister Priscila. My parents Patricia and Daniel. I also have a dog called Pytuco (that means small in Portuges).

School and Extra Currimen Activities

y first school i went to was Colegio Cor Jesus. Then one year before I came to U.S.A I story on Escola Classe n°6 do Cruzero. When I came here three years ago I went to Millennia Ellementory School. Now I am on Southwest Middle School (SWMS). Extra currimen activities I do is only play for the women school soccer time.


College and Career Plans

I want to graduate college with a degree of civil engineering.

Favorite Things: Music, Sports, Books, Movies