Roman Gods

By Zachary Hart

Need some tips on how to worship your friendly neighborhood gods? Or do you need some facts about those gods? Well, you came to the right place! The Roman Gods section in your local Roman Republican Read has lots of tips and facts that will help you.

Roman Gods and Goddesses

There are 12 main Roman gods that the we worship, each controlling an important part of the Earth. Below are a picture and description of each of the 12.

Slave For Sale

A hard working slave is for sale! John Doe's master, Romulus, died yesterday at the age of 53 of natural causes. He did not write in his will that John is to be freed, so John is for sale at a low price of 300 denarius. Buy him at the Forum in the slave auction being held on Iunuis IV. Contact information is below.

Minor Roman Gods

There are a couple Roman gods that are not as widely known as the main 12. Here are some facts about them.