Show ME

Let's learn with Show Me!

All about Show Me

Show Me is an app for teacher and students iPads. This app allows you to create tutorials for any subject and share them among others. An online learning community if you will .In this newsletter , we will be going over step by step instruction on how to use Show Me.
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Starting off

  • First download and open the Show Me app
  • Next you'll be taken to a screen . This screen is the main screen when making a Show me .
  • In the upper left is a close button , to which when hit takes you to the main menu of the Show Me app.

Exploring show me

  • When in the main menu of the app you see along the toolbar : Sign up or login, My Show Mes , Groups , Explore and +create with a drop down next to it for making Dropbox and google drive file.
  • You can start creating a show me on the my show mes page or clicking the +create button .
  • Now you back at the main screen when creating show me.
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  • Text box tool - Adding text to the presentation
  • Eraser - Allows to erase lines
  • Add file -
  • Undo /Clear - Allows you to undo to previous setting and clear allows you to clear sections
  • Record - This is how you record your show me slides along with your voice
  • Color choice - When using the pen tool , this allows you to pick the pen color and add more colors
  • Page turner- Allows you to add pages and flip between pages
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