Mobile Learning

Apps and Webtools for K-12 Classrooms

Need a little enhancement in the classroom? Here are six mobile device apps that can wonderfully supplement K-12 learning!


Want to bring the classroom to life? Nearpod can do that by allowing teachers to create interactive mobile presentations! By using devices such as iPads, all students in the classroom can follow a presentation at the same pace. This free app allows students to submit feedback through quizzes, polls, drawing tools, and more, enabelling them to become more engaged in the classroom while offering teachers real-time assessment on performance.

How can it be used?
This app could work wonderfully in a math lesson where the teacher can quiz students after learning a new concept.

Recommended for Elementary education.


This app allows students to watch videos and movies that are based on various STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and humanities related courses. Quizzes are provided in order to assess their understanding of the previously viewed content.

How can it be used?
Students can use this app at home and watch videos pertaining to material that is to be taught during the next inclass lesson. By doing this, students will be introduced to basic concepts and become extra prepared for next class!

Recommended for Junior High students.

The Chemical Touch

The Chemical Touch allows students to become familiar with elements, amino acids, and neucleobases through an interactive touch sensitive periodic table and chemical library.

How can it be used?
This app would work very well for a Chemistry class where students can use it as a reference tool during homework assignments.

Recommended for High School.

Motion Math

Providing interactive games for the iPad, this app allows students to master the most difficult K-6 mathematical concepts by building fluency and understanding through fun!

How can it be used?
Motion Math could supplement mathematic lessons where students can indepedently play fun games at home while being educated!

Reccommended for Elementary education.

Frog Dissection

This app is perfect for a biology class as students can go through a virtual frog dissection without the stink and mess of a real one!

How can it be used?
This app would be perfect for biology students who are preparing to perform actual dissections in the classroom.

Recommended for Junior High and High School students.


Socrative is Web-based system that allows teachers to assess students in real-time through multiple choice, short answer, and true-false questions. This app is available for any device that has a web-browser (tablets, smartphones, etc) and allows students to enter their answers anonymously while providing instant feedback for teachers.

How can it be used?
This is an excellent way for a teacher to receive instant feedback while doing their lessons in the classroom. For example, when presenting integral information for a unit in Social Studies, the teacher can quiz their students throughout the lesson by using multiple choice questions.

Recommened for High School.