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Vacuum Cleaner Review: Samsung Robotic Check

Long before Samsung has gone popular with smart phones, they have had conquered the world of technology in appliances and equipments. One of which is in producing vacuum cleaner. Samsung has created an automated robot vacuum cleaner namely, Navibot. Navibot has innovatory smart technology which levelled up the use of vacuum cleaners. You can conveniently use it to clean your house with no hassle. In physical form, it is circular in shape, and flat which allows itself to go underneath areas such as below tables, cabinets, beds, etc. It can plan a path for cleaning.

It has a Visionary Mapping System which allows the robot vacuum to plan the house paths. It is possible through a camera which can capture up to 30 frames/ second. With that camera, the robot vacuum is capable of memorizing the course of the house which is available for cleaning.

Not only that it is concern for your household chores, it is also pet friendly. It is obtained to deal with pet hair. Because of its sophisticated design, it can filter the particles without tangling the filters. Hairs will not be twisted to the filtration process, thus making your equipment live a longer life. Depreciation is never a question for this equipment.

Do not worry if your NaviBot will fall, because it will not. It has built in 38 sensors which detects obstacles in your house. Those sensors prevent the equipment to fall and eventually broken.

NaviBots has built in scheduler. It has various cleaning modes which allow you to indicate the level of cleaning you want it to do. You can set the date and time and the mode all at the same time. You need not to check it from time to time for surely it will do the work for you.

Virtual Guard feature of this vacuum allows you to manage the areas which you prefer not to be cleaned by the vacuum. With just one click of a button, you can set limits on where it should and should not clean. You can also assign what room should be cleaned first, next and last.

Another convenient factor for this line is that it is rechargeable and has shorter charging time. You can alter settings depending in your needs of cleaning. If your set time for cleaning a whole area is longer than the time it has finished the work, it closes right away. Making you save more energy.

Purchasing this product comes with warranties against hidden encumbrances which allow you to return if there are unforeseen defects which are not known at the time of purchase. Remember, however, that warranties apply only to manufacturing defects and not on damages caused by using the products. There are several products under NaviBots such as the, SR10F71 or the NaviBot Corner Clean, SR8751 or the NaviBot Light, SR8980 or the NaviBot S and the SR8950 or NaviBot S. Each has a distinct feature making it different from the other.