EHT Media Specialists Weekly Update


WEEK OF MARCH 22, 2020

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The media specialists are here for you! We have decided to highlight and provide you all with three great resources per week and grade level to enhance your remote learning. We realize these are overwhelming, challenging and unprecedented times so we have made an effort to keep things simple. These resources can be utilized by students, staff and parents. Please feel free to contact any of us by email to share ideas, concerns and questions. Also remember that we have resources listed on our individual websites to enhance your remote learning.

Elementary Level Resources

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Junior Library Guild

Looking for activities and resources to keep students engaged during this new-normal of school closures and social distancing? As the collection-development partner for school and public libraries across the nation, it's our honor to offer you these free resources to help keep students' brains busy and blossoming.

Junior Library Guild @home is offering free access to their digital library while students are not in school. Check out the link below. No log-in or password is necessary.

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Epic Books

Epic Books is offering FREE (no fee required to join) Remote Student Access through June 30, 2020! Epic Books is a digital library where students can access over 40,000 books, learning videos, quizzes and more.

Click the link for Epic Books Remote Student Access:

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Brain pop jr.

Brain pop jr. (free to teachers using school code) can also be accessed by families for a free month. See link below….

Middle School Resources

12 Museum Virtual Tours

Google Arts and Culture teamed up with over 500 museums/galleries around the world to bring everyone virtual tours and online exhibits of some of the most famous museums around the world.

Free virtual tours of 12 famous museums

The world's largest collection of audiobooks. Now, kids of all ages can stream hundreds of free audiobooks across 6 different languages. Totally free. No sign-ups. No personal information required. No strings attached.

Scholastic Learn at Home: Grade 6-9

Free online teaching resources, lessons, and strategies for 6th to 9th graders. Lessons change and are updated weekly.

High School/Eagle Academy Resources

If you have finished all of the books you have at home try out the Junior Library Guild link under the Elementary Level Resources section in this newsletter. There are books available for all levels!

Use your Atlantic County Library Card to explore their resources!

EHTHS Media Center Google Classroom

Students can join the EHTHS Media Center Student Google Classroom with the code gcy3tgt to see updates or reach out for help with the library resources.