Film/Video Editor

By Brandon

Skills needed

Most editors require a good sense of timing, working collaboratively with others, and thinking creatively.

Working Conditions and Physical Demands

Typically, editors work in offices, or office like areas. They have to work long hours, so they need strong eyes to be staring at a screen for a long time.

Activities done on the job

An editor takes out any un-needed shots, and makes sure that the shots used fit with the storyline of the movie/film.

Work hours, and Travel

Editors have to work very long hours most times, in order to finish the film or movie they are editing. They usually travel with the filming crew, just in case they need to do some editing on the spot.

Educational requirements

The editor job requires at least a bachelor's degree in the subject, but it is unlikely that you would be chosen over a person with a masters, so a masters degree in editing would be the best way to go in order to get a job in editing.


In the US, the average payment for movie/film editors is roughly 47 thousand dollars a year. In the state of Texas, the average payment is roughly 60 thousand dollars a year. The average dollar per hour made by editors in Texas is $6.87 an hour.
A Day In The Life: Video Editor