Chemical Element


Tungsten is a chemical element, it's symbol is "wolfram" meaning heavy stone, the word "wolfram" comes from the Swedish word.

More information about Tungsten

It's a chemical element located on the periodic table which its number is 74, then its mass number is, 183.84 atomic mass units, then it has 74 protons and 74 electrons, also for neutrons it has 110.

Tungsten also has a melting point of 3695 K (3422°C or 6192°F), then it's Density could be19.3 grams per cubic centermeter, for its boiling points it could also be 5828 K (5555°C or 10031°F)

Tungsten is a grayish, white, lustrous color and has a hard texture.


Facts about Tungsten

By: Jonathan H.