Room 50's Newsletter

One Week to Go!

With only one week to go before kids arrive, I'm sitting in bed...OK, lying in bed actually, messing around with technology stuff that is WAY more interesting than writing out my school plans!

Not again, you say? Yup, I still haven't mastered the art of focusing on the "what needs to be done first" thing. Maybe when I turn 50? However, maybe this lack of immediate focus is what can help me be a better teacher, as I always find super-cool stuff to do and use, like this free flyer/newsletter site, which WAS one of the things I had on a To-Do list...

So expect great weekly newsletters from my classroom. I might have a table group earn the right to create them weekly, or just do a rotating schedule. Lukily, there's still a week to figure that part out!

Mrs. Harvey

Is it an IPad Thing?

What's Up With Add a Photo?

So maybe I am having trouble getting a photo to upload since I'm on the iPad, so I'll check it out on desktop to see if that works. Wish there was a real Help menu, not just a comment version!

Tech, tech, tech!