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Tina Kindvall


If you have ever had a surgical experience you probably had anesthesia. Anesthesia is a drug that can relieve pain and make a person unconsciousness. There are two types of anesthesia, local anesthetics and general anesthetics. Local anesthetics can be an injections, ointment, sprays, or lotions. They are used to numb parts of the body. General anesthetics are used to make the patient unconscious. The most known anesthetics is nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas.

Set up

1: We set up the colorimeter to our computer, and opened logger pro.

2: We filled the cuvette 3/4 full with distilled water.

3: We put the cuvette in the colorimeter and calibrated it

4: We emptied the cuvette and filled it up 3/4 with the 20% solution

5: We put the cuvette in the colorimeter and pushed "collect" and then pushed "keep" and typed 20% and clicked "enter"

6: We did that with all the solutions we pressed "stop"

7: All the data was collected we found the line of best fit

8: We tested the mystery solution the same way as the other ones, and found the concentration of it.

Scientific Explanation

Because the solution was 70% Betty died, the human body can only take 40% solution.


Picture 1: An example of local anesthesia

Picture 2: A colorimeter, the black device, and cuvette, the containers that held the solution.

Picture 3: Our data table