Rick Kittles

By Andrew

Rick Kittles was a scientist that is recognized by helping with prostate cancer and the role of genetics in disease. Rick Kittles, a professor at Ohio State University became part of the African Ancestry, Inc. in Africa and he used his prostate cancer and genetics in disease to help people in Africa.

Rick Kittles was born in 1976 in Sylvania, Georgia, but he grew up in Central Islip, New York, on Long Island. Rick Kittles part of the P.H.D which is a Doctor of Philosophy. It is a type of doctorate degree awarded by universities everywhere. Rick Kittles works at the University of Illinois Cancer Center.

Rick Kittles was born 1966 and has not died yet and is 50 years old and doing well! Rick’s full name is Rick Antonius Kittles and is not have any kids, in fact is not even married. I was going to, but they ended up breaking up before the wedding. (So Sad)

After that Rick Kittles never had a girlfriend and didn't get married, before the first wedding he had planned on getting a kid to keep him happy, but he couldn’t because he ended up getting sick. So after that he became a teacher and he went to many schools to teach and by that time Rick Kittles got more famous and he still is, but Rick will retire soon and possibly pass.

Rick Kittles was a very nice and smart man with fame he was a famous teacher that went everywhere to teach new schools, but he doesn't have a family, but he always will have friends and he doesn't want to get married because of his first marriage fail. And the good thing is he is still alive and well and still teaching.