VCR Lesson 3

Mikaela Anderson

Select the Most Appropriate Word from Lesson 3 to Fill in the Blank

Mrs. Smith showed her students a(n) _________ so that they would understand the requirements for their project on cells.
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Archetype, n.

An original model or type from which similar forms are copied; a perfect example

Alternate forms:

-archetypal, adj.

-archetypic, adj.

-archetypical, adj.

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Arkhein- "to begin", "to be first"

Tupos- "mold", "model"

*first known use is 1545


-Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, used archetypes (models of people, behaviors, and personality which comprise the collective unconscious) in his theory of the human psyche

-He believed that all humans have four major archetypes in their subconscious

1. The Self- spirit that connects the conscious and unconscious

2. The Shadow- sex and life instincts, wildness, chaos, latent desires

3. The Animus- masculine aspect of the female, Anima- feminine aspect of the male

4. The Persona- how you present yourself

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Select the Sentence in Which the Word in Bold-faced Type is Used Incorrectly

1. After weeks of prodding from his wife, Larry at last begrudgingly bought a blueprint for a treehouse at the hardware store to act as the archetype for his project.

2. John sought to be an archetypal student, so he made sure to study every day and be actively involved in many different clubs at school.

3. The inventor was disappointed when his archetype for a bicycle with an umbrella proved to be unpopular, thus preventing him from mass producing his invention.

4. Ruth explained in her project that Leonardo da Vinci was the archetype of a Renaissance man, because he made many great contributions to varied subjects.

Answer- #1

An archetype is the original product, not the blueprint or instructions to be followed to create the product.