Croatan Sound

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What are estuaries and why are they important?

An estuary is any place where freshwater joins and mixes with saltwater. Estuaries help control erosion and reduce flooding on the mainland. Also, estuaries produce 3/4th of commercially caught fish. Commercial fishing is important to the national economy and the food supply.

Where is the Croatan located?

Part of the Outer Banks, Croatan Sound separates Roanoke Island from the mainlands
The Croatan Sound is a channel between the Albemarle sound and the Pamlico Sound. It is fed by many of Albemarle's smaller streams.

Life in the estuary

Animals: Oysters, clams, stone crabs, grassfish, black sea bass

Plants: pine trees, cypress trees, maple trees

Causes of habitat loss within NC estuaries

  1. Dams
  2. Polluted runoff from Suburban, urban, and rural areas
  3. Bulldozing and Paving
  4. Sewage discharge
  5. Oil spills