Weekly Memo - 9/15 to 9/21

Good Morning SC GEAR UP!!

It is another awesome GEAR UP week!

A few points of interest:

- Please copy me on the Monday memo to your Regions.

- Don't forget to send me your weekly itinerary, CC Vickie on that email as well.

- I may have identified an external evaluator, with Vermadel's help, to replace Dr. Pearman. I will keep you all posted.

- Our next staff meeting is this Wednesday, September 17th here at CHE. I'm going to try to send out the agenda today, but in case I don't I want to make sure that you bring 4 things with you:

1) Questions about the Compass Initiative (see below)

2) I want you to discuss any new initiatives you placed in your school's budgets for this year with the team. This isn't for them to approve/disapprove the initiatives. I want this to be an effort to encourage collaboration, communication and accountability. Some of you are trying different things within your Regions/Schools that I think should be shared and even duplicated.

3) Early concerns you have re: your schools/personnel. It's probably too early to have any great things to report. It's never too early to identify potential problem areas.

4) A positive attitude.

COMPASS Initiative - Dual Enrollment / Development

This is the primary focus of our meeting Wednesday. We will discuss other things, but I want to be sure that when you leave the meeting Wednesday, you have everything you need to initiate this project. It feels like it's a long way away, but the reality is that the planning needs to begin now, and the discussion with the colleges and schools need to happen early so that any financial, scheduling and testing concerns can be worked out before the Compass testing begins.

Again, come with questions. If you don't have questions, I am assuming that 1) you have already spoken with Sonya and 2) You have a plan in place to test and place every high school and you've worked out how they wish to provide dual enrollment coursework next year.

Objectives for 2014-15

The SCGU Grant objective for 10th grade will be that 80% of our students will pass Biology by the end of 10th grade.

Big image

National GEAR UP Week Materials

Your materials for National GEAR UP Week have already been ordered. They will be shipped to your individual schools. Hopefully this will take some of the burden off of you to deliver materials and make trips to your schools that you never planned.

Please provide your plans for National GEAR UP week (by school) at Wednesday's meeting. I am hoping to travel some during that week if I can. Either way, pictures need to be sent to Vickie daily during National GEAR UP Week so that she and Catherine can place them on the GEAR UP and SCCANGO websites.

Award Letters for Year 4

Should get your award letters out next week. If you have specific questions on your proposals you can hit me up individually.

College Application Month (CAM) events

CAM events scheduled for September are the following:

Lamar HS 9/16 8:00am

St. Johns HS 9/18 8:30am

Battery Creek HS 9/25 8:30am

Whale Branch HS 9/25 9:15am

Creek Bridge HS 9/26 8:30am

Loris High School 9/30 10:00am

Finance Update

Q4 ends this month. Invoices, invoices, invoices! They need to spend as little time in your hands as possible. Get them from the schools, get them reviewed and sign off on them, and get them to Vickie. I DO want you to review and sign off on all invoices, but I can't have that be the cause of lag time in processing them.

Remember, you're on call between 2:30 and 4:00 on Tuesdays in case I need to share my KW experience with you.

Social Media Update

The SC GEAR UP Facebook and Twitter are now both up!!!! Please have the coaches encourage students to like and follow SC GEAR UP on social media. We're going to use these platforms in various ways this year!!

Registration for CCTI Module 2: Early Career Awareness and Planning is now open and ends on September 26th. Registration link which will open on September 8th: Remember, SC GEAR UP has taken CCTI over and it is geared towards our counselors, our coaches and our grant! Eventually, it will open to outside folks, but we need to make sure we have sufficient GEAR UP personnel first.