Insights and Takaways

Ajalyn Dunn Baker Response to Creative Commons Questions

Insights gained...

I learned about the four types of regulations within creative commons. I always saw the "cc" now I have an understanding of what it means. I thought that in using images in announcements and in providing student feedback, I was doing my part by including the link. Now I know " TASL" and the importance of including the title, author, license and link (source). I will be more cognizant when citing material, I really appreciated attribution tools to help prevent others, like myself from improperly giving credit where it is due. I also appreciated learning about "non-derivative" use ; because it allows you to use an author's work respectfully. For example if it is non-derivative, that means the author wants you to use the work as is without adjustments, where as derivative allows you to make changes to the work.

Corrected Misconceptions...

I felt that in using images that were free or transformed was alright as long as I included the link the work. I have learned that there is much more to citing pictures and using diagrams. There is a value in the way you cite material.

Takeaways....Really using the TASL acronym to check my work for appropriate citations. I also think that it is overly useful to download Google's Open Attribution application as a safegaurd.

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