Heroes are leaders

Joshua H

Heroes are lighthouses, for they guide you. My mom is my hero. Even if she isn't a firefighter, she is a hero to me. She helps so many people everyday.

My untouchable hero

A hero is someone who always persists on with their idea. Martin Luther King Junior is a Civil Rights Activist born in Atlanta. He grew up around racism and decided to fight it with words and peaceful protests. From the teachings of Gandhi, Martin help with the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Birmingham civil rights campaign. He would deliver the “I have a dream” speech during the March on Washington as well as being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. Martin Luther King Junior fits the characteristics of a hero through his perseverance for equal rights.

Martin is a true hero because no matter what happened he never gave up. In 1957, he SCLC turn their eyes to Birmingham. At Easter they demonstrated and got arrested. King wrote the Letter from Birmingham Jail, claiming that "injustice is a threat to justice". Against his true wishes, King employed children to help with the struggle. The Birmingham police force used fire hoses, police dogs and night sticks to scatter the demonstrators. King was determined whether to demand equality whether imprisoned or protesting.

Martin Luther King Junior and Sophie Hwang are both heroes because they both persevere to get what they want. Martin persevered during the Montgomery Bus Boycott when many people of color wanted back on public transportation. He reassured those who were lacking in spirit to continue boycotting the bus system. Sophie wanted to make sure that her kids would have a better life than she had, so she works everyday to pay for the bills. Martin Luther King Junior and Sophie Hwang are both heroes because they persevered to achieve their dreams.

If Martin was still with us, one may ask him why he decided to devoted so much effort in his effort for equality. If Martin was still with us, he would state that the hatred he has seen in his day is still present; America cannot preach of peace if it isn’t at peace with itself. The contrast between Sophie Hwang and Martin Luther King Junior is that Sophie works to secure the future of her offspring, yet Martin fought for the good of a race. What some may have learned from these heroes is that persistence brings reward.

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My beliefs coming from my hero

Thousands of terminally ill people die every year in a slow, painful death. It is

inhumane to not give relief to those in pain. Therefore, Terminally ill patients should

have the right to die.

Terminally ill patients should not go the pain of starving to death. In one case, a

couple was dying from old age. When they attempted to take their lives while fasting in

a retirement home, they were kicked out.. So they both fasted together until they both

died surrounded by family. “Mr. Rudolph, 92, suffered severe pain from spinal stenosis

and had a permanent catheter. Mrs. Rudolph, 90, was immobile. Both suffered from the

onset of dementia. ... They were able to very appropriately and eloquently explain their

wishes and what they wanted to have done,” Harrell said. “They didn’t feel the need to

go to a hospital. They detailed that they wanted control over their own end of life issues.

...The couple eventually moved to a private home, where Mr. Rudolph’s ten-day fast

resulted in death. His wife died the next day, surrounded by family.” The Rudolphs had

to take the hard and strenuous path rather than going peacefully under sedation. Thus,

terminally ill patients should not go through the pain of starving to death.

As well as not going through the pain of starving, terminally ill patients should die

on their own terms. 29 year old Brittany Maynard had a brain tumor that was inoperable,

and recommended treatments would make the quality of life much worse that it already

was. So with the help of her loved ones, she had decided to end her life. “my tumor is

so large, doctors prescribed full brain radiation. I read about the side effects: The hair

on my scalp would have been singed off. My scalp would be left covered with first-

degree burns. My quality of life, as I knew it, would be gone. ... After months of


research, my family and I reached a heartbreaking conclusion: There is no treatment

that would save my life, and the recommended treatments would have destroyed the

time I had left. I quickly decided that death with dignity was the best option for me and

my family.” If she had to go with the radiation therapy and lose her quality of life, it

would be feel as if she let the tumor win. Thus terminally ill patients should die on their

own terms.

Some may claim that people do not what to burden their loved ones with their

lives and medical bills, so they pass away to relieve their stress. However, the Death

with Dignity act claims otherwise. “In order to obtain a prescription under the Oregon,

Washington, or Vermont law, patients must:Have a terminal illness with a 6 month or

less prognosis; Be an Oregon, Washington, or Vermont state resident; Be 18 years of

age or older; Be mentally stable and able to make decisions on their own behalf. In

addition, at least two licensed physicians must agree that a patient is qualified, who will

then help a patient take the next necessary steps.” The patient needs to be deemed

“mentally stable” or confident with their decision for they want to end their suffering; not

because they are worried about being a burden to their loved ones.

Terminally ill patients should have the right to die. It not humane to shoot an

animal and let it live, so why would letting terminally ill patient's right to die be different?

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