University of South Florida

Alpha Alpha chapter, alpha Kappa Delta Phi

Summer/August Newsletter

Good morning/afternoon/evening sisters! My name is Huyen "aKiTa" Le and I crossed Spring 2014. I am the current alumni chair and cultural chair for fall 2016. I will be graduating in May 17' with a bachelors in Public Health. I hope you enjoyed reading this newsletter as much as I enjoyed making it.


“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Now that summer has come to an end, active sisters are excited to have a successful school year and with a lot planned for our chapter. As always we will continue to uphold our pillars and be a force of motivation for sisters in times of need. This newsletter sums up what we have done thus far oil and we hope you enjoy reading this newsletter.

Summer-August Birthdays

6/05: Yennhi "SOUR PATCH" Nguyen

6/17: Chanel "Esmarella" Rios

7/06: Shreya "MeSmeRize" Aryal

7/21: Lien "JADE" Nguyen

8/30: Melissa "aLIzéA" Dam

10 Year Celebration

Thank you to all the sisters who have dedicated their time to plan a successful reunion to celebrate our achievements as well as all the sister who came into town to celebrate this milestone for our chapter. It was a heartwarming experience having sisters from our Charter class to Sigma Class present. We are eternally grateful for the guidance from our alums and the dedication you still put forth in making aKDPhi a better organization.

2016 National Convention: Florida to Arizona

This year our chapter decided to take a road trip to Arizona. We made a pit stop in Houston, Texas and alum Ate Ro welcomed us into her home so we could rest. This convention to say the least, sparked even more passion and dedication to our members reminding us the purpose in why we dedicate all our hard work into aKDPhi. National Board and National Alumnae board did amazing in coordinating convention and we enjoyed the workshops provided.

Orlando Strong Fundraiser

In efforts to help ease the financial burden for the victims and their families of Orlando pulse our chapter and alumnae collaborated in selling remembrance silicon wristbands for a minimum donation of $3.00. All proceeds were donated to the Pulse Tragedy Community Fund's GoFundMe page for the victims.

Active Events:

Be on the lookout for our future fundraisers, BCA week and awareness workshop. We will also be participating in this year's 9th annual Journey to the East which serves to unite USF's respective asian culturally based organizations.

Accomplishments of last month

Fall 2016 Recruitment week

Our recruitment chair Karina "Dulcemina" Martinez successfully planned and executed a fun rush week. This semester theme was " Find your balance with USF aKDPhi". We enjoyed getting to know rushees and informing them about the values and mission of our organization. We look forward to bringing in a new class of passionate driven women into our organization.

Alpha Alpha Spotlight

#101 Lisa "Lea'ilani" Park Crossed Spring 2016

Why did you join aKDPhi? "I joined αΚΔΦ because I found myself sharing similar values with sisters and saw a greater potential for my future self!"

What have you learned from being a sister? "aKDPhi taught me to not only prioritize time, but people as well; I realized not to keep toxic people in my life when I have so many people who push me forward went I can't."

Fun fact " I change my hair a lot. Current hair status: rainbow!"

Dear alums,

"Hello!! αΚΔΦ pushed me out of my comfort zone & I couldn't be happier! I'm really looking forward to all the new experiences & really hope to meet more alumns! LnF hehe <3"

Update from Alumnae Chair

Top 3 Semester Goals: Our semester goals is to continue raising our house GPA, improve our marketing platform and to facilitate more leadership workshop for sisters.

Goal of the month for Sisterhood: A goal we have this month is to keep implementing the active-active buddy system and come up with more of a motivation/incentive for sisters to participate.

Goal of the month for Scholarship: We want to strive for a higher house GPA and in doing so we encourage sisters to exceed the minimum study 6/8 study hours as part of academic excellence plan.

Goal of the month for Leadership: Encourage sisters to be more involved in campus-wide opportunities as well as attending various workshops offered by USF's career center.

Goal of the month for Service: VPS and active house have been working diligently to plan for BCA. We wish to surpass our fundraising goal of $3,000 this year with the support of our USF community and sisters. We want to continue collaborating with various organizations that serves the Tampa Bay community.

Goal of the month for Cultural Awareness: We are participating in a annual week long of events part of "Journey to the East" here at USF. We hope to stay more involved within asian suborgs and participate in committees. Lastly, we want to encourage sisters to become more politically involved and bring light to different issues among the AAPI community.

Active - Alumnae Upcoming Events: Active/Alum buddy system with a full-semester of various creative challenges.

Alumnae Events: Alumnae held a Superhero-themed potluck, We hope in the near future to have a joint sisterhood with our alums!

Fall 2016 Active House

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From left to right: Lisa P., Gibby Ho., Kelly C., Karina M., Tina H., Huyen L., Melissa D. and Yennhi N. (Sisters not pictured: Chanel R., Shreya A, Lien N, Heidi H.)