Lumonol Review 2017

Is this Nootropic formula a real life limitless pill?

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When you’re looking for something to sharpen your mental acuity, there are dozens of supplements you will find that are all claiming to be the best on the market. The question remains, is there any single supplement that acts as some sort of real world limitless pill? While Lumonol may not have the biggest amount of marketing hype, it is without a doubt one of the best brain supplements on the market. If you’re new to the world of nootropics, you’ll appreciate the ease of being able to enhance your cognitive thinking with a single pill instead of having to piece together your own formula. If you’ve been utilizing Nootropic supplements for a while, then Lumonol may be the change you need to step up your mental sharpness and try some things that only it can offer. Read on for our full Lumonol review.

Why Does Lumonol Work?

The product is a supplement made up of a blend of nootropics. Nootropics are naturally occurring chemicals that are meant to act much in the same way an ADHD drug would, giving you the same boost in mental acuity and focus as you would find if you took an Adderall or other stimulant based drug.

With nootropics being natural, they can be an excellent alternative to those harsh drugs, while still helping users grow their attention span, enhance their memory, and clear themselves of “brain fog”. A supplement like this works for folks of all ages, from students who are trying to study longer and pay better attention in class, to folks who are later on in life and wanting to stay as sharp as they have always been.

What’s Inside the Supplement?

There are quite a number of individual ingredients in Lumonol, however, they are grouped into a few main blends, along with some auxiliary ingredients. The main blends are each there to serve a specific purpose, each geared towards energy, focus, and memory respectively.

The Memory Blend

  • Alpha GPC
Choline is growing in popularity as more and more studies find that it enhances memory function, as well as overall focus. It is showing up in more and more supplements, so it is no surprise to find it here and is something that we do not get enough of in our day-to-day diets. It helps greatly with increasing the strength of the neurotransmitters in our brains, which is what completes our brain processes. Alpha GPC is considered the easiest to process form of Choline.

  • Ginko Biloba
Ginko has long been shown to improve not only your memory function but also provide an even keel on your mood. Doctors utilize this supplement to help dementia patients improve their memory function due to its strong effects. Ginko also helps fight the natural cognitive decline we experience as we age.

The Energy Blend

  • Guarana
Guarana grows in the Amazon and packs a major punch with up to four times the amount of caffeine as a coffee bean of the same size. It’s quite popular as a supplement because it only requires a minimal amount to get noticeable brain stimulation. Its effectiveness is exponential when it is used in conjunction with other supplements, many of which are found in Lumonol.

  • Hordenine
Hodenine isn’t something you’ll see in a ton of supplements, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. This supplement works really well when combined other supplements that help enhance dopamine in the brain, which Lumonol is full of. When combined, users experience big increases in the amount of time they are able to focus at a high level. This is an excellent addition to anyone’s routine who works really long hours or has to study for long periods.

The Focus Blend

  • Noopept
The fifteen milligrams of Noopept is the foundation for the benefits Lumonol provides. It’s well renowned to fight decline in brain function, as well as providing powerful Nootropic effects. Users get a great cognitive boost while reporting a really low occurrence of side effects. Most people very easily tolerate the low dose of Noopept that is needed to make a difference in brain function. The other great thing is that Noopept kicks in really quickly after you consume it, usually within fifteen minutes, and exemplifies the effects of many of the other ingredients.

  • L-Tyrosine
An amino acid, L-Tyrosine is an excellent ingredient in any brain supplement stack. It works really well with all the other ingredients in increasing the production of dopamine in your brain. Along with a boost in mental acuity, Tyrosine has been shown to reduce stress levels.

  • L-Carnitine
Another supplement that is designed to play nicely with all of the other ingredients, specifically assisting Alpha GPC with the production and delivery of choline. It’s great that Lumonol includes both choline producing supplements because in many cases we are so deficient of it.

  • Phosphatidylserine
This is a great supplement for an overall boost in performance. You’ll notice an increase in mental ability and stamina, but this is another supplement that helps reduce stress as well, as it has been shown to do an excellent job of controlling cortisol in our brains, which is widely known as a hormone with a major impact on stress.

How Lumonol Makes You Feel

You won’t find many negative remarks online about how Lumonol works, and the benefits that it carries. Pretty much anyone who takes it experiences an increase in mental sharpness and energy without any kind of jittery feeling that is often associated with energy and focus supplements. This is due to the multitude of ingredients that are intended to decrease stress and give your mood more of an even keel.

The mix of ingredients does exactly what it’s intended to do, which is provide you with a surge of energy and focus, along with the longer-term effects of increased memory function. It’s made with a diverse range of quality supplements that effect multiple parts of your brain.

Lumonol Side Effects

Like we said earlier, experiencing side effects from taking these pills is pretty rare. From our experience, and those that we have talked to, typically the side effects come when users consume more than the recommended dosage at a time. The ingredient that will typically cause those feelings is caffeine, so it makes sense that the more you take, the more you expose yourself to side effects. If you have any caffeine sensitivity at all, then you should absolutely talk with your Doctor before starting taking it, and even then you should start with a small dosage and see how you feel.


When it comes to pre-formulated nootropics, Lumonol is at the top of the heap. It contains high-quality ingredients that are proven to work. Noopept makes an excellent nootropic foundation and combined with everything else, does an excellent job of improving cognitive function. One thing many Lumonol users report that you just don’t see from other brain supplements is the marked increase in memory function. Whether you are an experienced nootropic user, or somebody new to supplements searching online some type of real life limitless pill, Lumonol is well worth the price.