Make Your Images Come Alive!


Labeling maps, images, and diagrams can come to life with the help of

Select an image and then add music, text, websites, videos and other images that tell a story or help the user understand more of what is happening in the image. Images can be uploaded from your desktop or found online. It also has a chrome browser plugin that can be used for ease of use.

Check out their image stream for more ideas, or the ones below created for middle school curriculum.

NOTE: Thinglink images can also be embedded into Edmodo or other websites.

To embed Thinglink on a Google Site follow these directions:

  1. Copy this URL:
  2. Go to your google site and click the pen to edit the page
  3. Click on insert - More gadgets... Add gadget by URL and paste in the URL you copied above
  4. Copy and paste the embed code from your thinglink image into the box provided.
  5. 5. Click OK and then Save
  6. The tagged image will show up on your Google Site! You can also set the width of the gadget in the dialogue screen for the tagged image to show up in a specific size.

Taken from:

Thinglink Samples