Happy December Holidays

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We are super excited to announce the two new additions to our team, Donna Odgers and Rebecca Homan. Donna comes to us from another real estate company and is excited for her new adventure! We are so happy to have you! If you are looking for an amazing Realtor in Platte or Clay County MO, let Donna be your Realtor of choice. With prior real estate experience, negotiation skills and phenomenal customer service - she will be the right choice for your next home purchase or sell!!

Rebecca is joining us as our new Administrative Team Assistant! With an extensive background in customer service, management and marketing, Rebecca will help us as a team to better our proficiency in follow up, expand our reach through social marketing, and help maintain systems! We look forward to having both of these ladies join the Trisha P Realty Group!

Salvation Army Bell Ringing

We had a great time Nov. 25th 2015 at Kmart in Leavenworth ringing bells for Salvation Army. Join us December 8th at the Leavenworth Walmart north entrance ringing again to support those in need!
Trisha P Realty Group is ringing bells for Salvation Army

Turkey Give-away!

Thank you to everyone that nominated families to our turkey give-away. We originally were donating 2 turkeys to those in need, but with the donation of another from Roger Cook, we proudly gave away 3 birds to very deserving families! Thank you all for your support!

5 Safety Tips When Decorating the Exterior for the Holidays

Submitted by Nikos Phelps, president, Utopian Landscape, a member of The Professional Landcare Network (PLANET)

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It’s that time of year where home owners are busy decorating their exteriors with holiday lights and making them for festival for the holidays. Many landscape and lawn care companies support their clients year-round by providing snow removal and holiday lighting in the winter. There are many safety concerns that home owners should take into consideration when putting up their own holiday lights, such as:

1. Inspect the lights and wires.

Inspect all lights, decorations and extension cords before using. Wires can become brittle.Throw lights away if there is exposed copper or broken sockets.

2. Don’t overload circuits and watch for electrical concerns.

Avoid connecting five or more strands end to end, otherwise the circuit can be overloaded. However, for many LEDs you can add more than five strands. Also, do not pull the strands too tight so they can reach an outlet. Other electrical concerns to watch for:

  • Tears in the wiring surface could result in electrocution.
  • When creating a lighting configuration on a lawn, make sure to keep connections out of depressions that could collect ground water.
  • Be sure to tape down extension cords if they cross walkways.

3. Read the labels carefully for outdoor use.

LED lights re more energy efficient and require less wattage than incandescent bulbs. But make sure the lights and extension cords are rated for indoor and outdoor use or specifically for outdoor use. Outdoor lights should be plugged into circuits protected by ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs.). Also, don’t replace light bulbs without unplugging the light strand or decoration.

4. Take caution on rooftops or elevated areas.

Ladders should be inspected – look for lose or missing screws, hinges, bolts and nuts before using and be sure they are stable and in good condition. Be sure to ground the ladder on a solid, even surface with no risk of sliding.

Don’t overreach when on ladders. When stringing lights, climb down and move the ladder often. Also, keep ladders as far as possible from electrical lines. Finally, if the roof is too steep or too high, don’t risk scaling it and endangering yourself. Hire a trained landscape professional that has the training to offer unique installation methods and premium quality products with the latest trends in decoration and technology.

5. Remove lights at the end of the holiday season. Over a period of time, lights exposed to the weather can have damage to the wires, lights, and sockets. Watch for any weather damage before you tow the lights away for next year.


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