Mrs. Mitchell's First Grade Class

Week of May 2-13, 2016

What Have We Been Doing?

Mathematics: We worked really hard to understand adding double digit numbers where "carrying" or "regrouping" ten was necessary. We will continue to practice that concept, but our new unit will change direction to focus on measurement. As the student's workbook states, "Measurement is an important mathematical skill and it is one that is easily applied to daily life." We will start by measuring with non-standard units, such as hands, string, etc.

Science: Our insect Unit came to a close, with the letting go of the Painted Lady Butterflies in a neighbor's garden and the Darkling Beetles into the grass by our school pond in the front of the school yard. I hope your child showed you their insect journal, their way of documenting the changes that their larva went through to the adult stage.

Literacy: We did finish formal work on our sight (Dolch) words, so students are not bringing any small bags of words home any more, but we refer to our bulletin board many times a day to see how those words are spelled, as each week we have added them to our Word Wall.As for our spelling words, last week our focus was on words with a long i sound in them, such as, my and light. This week our focus has been on the sounds that ow and ou make, as in down and round.

Social Studies: We are just starting to explore what history and timelines mean. These are not easy concepts! To try to make these concepts applicable to children's lives, we have been comparing (how things are the same) and contrasting (how things are different), thinking how school might have been "Long Ago" and "Today."

What Should New Students Know When They Get Into First Grade Next Year?

Such good Advice!

A Heads Up!

A note is coming home today about our first field trip on Monday, May 23. Our second and last field trip will be on Monday, June 6 to Fond Du Lac Park to help clean it up and a picnic. More details for that one to come!