Weekly Warrior

Volume 7 Issue 8 Sept 26th, 2016

Important Dates

Sept 26th-Midterms Sent Home with Students
Sept 27th-Parent Teacher Conferences 4:00 - 6:00 pm
Sept 28th-KY FAME Presentation 9:00 in Room 238
Sept 28th-PLC Meetings/Program Review Documentation
Sept 30th-Growth Day
Oct 3-7-Fall Break
Oct 12th-Kagan Coaching Schoolwide
Oct 13th-NHS Inductions during 5th
Oct 22nd-National ACT Test Date
Oct 28th-Junior Class ACT Prep Session @SCC
Nov 4th-ACT Registration Deadline for December ACT
Dec 2nd-Junior Class ACT Prep Session @SCC

Mock ACT Scores

A mock ACT was completed by our junior students on September 20th. The next national ACT date for students is October 22nd, and students now have the CERT program to utilize as a preparation tool. The % of students meeting benchmark in each area can be found at the below.

Login Instructions:
Students use their school email (ex jacob.smith@stu.pulaski.kyschools.us) as their username and either swhs or warriors as their password. If you have students who missed the mock ACT, they may complete the test online. The online version does have a timer, and students may choose to take the entire test all in one session or just take a part as they have time. Once inside the program, students have access to their scores from the mock ACT as well as review in the form of the Exam Room and Study Hall.

Exam Room:
The Exam Room tab allows students to go back and look specifically at their responses from the mock ACT. There is also a video explanation of the question and what the correct answer should be. Students can just click on the % in order to begin reviewing the questions. While reviewing, be sure to remind students to use the Feedback column to mark the question with either a check (they would now be able to get a similar question right) or an x (they still feel they would get the question wrong). After reviewing the entire exam, students can see an adjusted score (with feedback). This might help them to realize that they only needed to get a few more questions correct in order to raise their score.

Study Hall:
The Study Hall tab allows students to review specific topics and answer questions related to that topic. If you decide to take your students to the lab to work on CERT, you might want to tell them a specific topic to focus on as part of your assignment.

Teachers might wish to create groups of students for easy use at activity and progression through the program. Just click on Create New (under Groups) on the left side, name it, select the students you wish to include, and be sure to both Review Details and Create Group. Teachers use their email address as their username and their password is warriors to login.

Growth Day-September 30th

Our Growth Day on September 30th will be reserved for posting our first 5 iLearnPulaski assignments for possible use during Trimester 2. We will be using Converge for our online classrooms this year, and you will be trained on this website during our Growth Day. We will spend our time on September 30th becoming familiar with the website and getting our assignments posted. Remember that you will need iLearnPulaski assignments for days 1-5 initially. Please be thinking about what assignments you want your students to be responsible for (Trimester 2 classes) and have those ready to go before September 30th.

Success With Higher Standards

Southwestern High School will strive to graduate every student college/career ready and prepared for the 21st century.