Book report #2 By Austin.Talley

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck


Greg:Greg is the narrator,and he is having trouble in school with friends.

Mom:Mom is the character who hosts all of the family reunions and holiday parties.

Manny:Manny is Greg's little brother who takes full advantage of Greg by getting all the attention from his family members.

Rowley:Rowley was Greg's best friend but Rowley ditched Greg when he got a girlfriend and Rowley stated acting too cool for Greg.


The story takes place in three main locations. One location is at Greg's home with his family. Another location is Greg's middle school in which he is a 7th grader. The last location is Greg's grandmother's house.


Greg, the main character, is experiencing hard luck in middle school. His best friend, Rowley, has ditched him for a girlfriend. Greg is having troubles making new friends. One night Greg had to sleep in his brothers room and found a magic eight ball under the bed. Greg decides to take advice from this magic eight ball to help him make decisions that are hard for him. He used the magic eight ball to tell him who to become friends with. Greg became friends with Fregley. Greg had an idea to change Fregley to be more like Rowley by having Fregley do things Rowley would do. On Easter Greg went to his Grandma's house for a Easter party, and last year Greg's Grandma died so know one would make the Easter eggs and hid them, but at Greg's Grandma's funeral they couldn't find the family ring so every one in the family went looking for the egg but they could never find it so they got in a big argument. At they end of the story Rowley's girl friend brakes up with him and it was a scam. Rowley's girl friend was trying to make her old boy friend gelous. On Gregs way home a while ago he threw his magic eight ball over his Grandma's fence and when he went to go get it he found a egg and when he shook it he knew exactly what it was it was the family ring,but instead of giving it to his mom he hid because when his family was looking for the ring and his mom told him that if any one found it,it would be a disaster.

If I could change a main event

If I could change a main event I would change when his aunt and little cousin's come to spend the night. I would change by not having them spend the night but they would hang out all day but they would get Greg in trouble because they wandered off and they hurt each other. This would change the story because most likely Greg will get grounded and he wouldn't have found the magic eight ball under Rodrick's bed. The only reason he found the magic eight ball was because he saw it under Rodrick's bed when he was getting dressed. He was in Rodrick's room because his little cousin's went to bed in his room in his room and if his cousins didn't spend the night he wouldn't have found his magic eight ball.

My favorite part

My favorite part was when he was struggling in class so he went to a kid who would sell him some science projects so he could pass his classes and not go to summer school but he didn't have any money so they kicked him out and right when he got kicked out two teacher walked in and all the kids who were in there got suspended for a week and they had to go to summer school.
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