By: Abigail Vivian


What unique holidays does Arentina celebrate?Argentina celebrates many holidays like Carnival. Carnival is a holiday leading up to Easter. Another holiday is Reyes Magos. This takes place on January sixth because it commemorates when the Wise Men visited Jesus.


What are some important landforms and how does affect the people?One important landform is the Andes Mountains, some people live in this region. Another one is the Gran Chaco, very few people live in this region. It is very dry, but heavy rainfalls in the summer causing riverbeds to overflow.


Are they living in poverty, are they rich or in between? What are the main resources?Argentina's economy in the 20th century made it to one of the wealthiest countries in the world. However they have had some economic problems. Argentina has many resources. Some of the main natural resources are Petroleum, copper, gold, silver, and zinc.


Who discovered Argentina? What country were they originally from? What Native Americans lived there?

In 1516, Juan Diaz de Solis became the first Spaniard to arrive in Argentina. He and his men were killed and eaten by a local tribe of cannibals. there were many Indian tribes like the Inca, the Charrua, and the Querandi.