Palmer Specials Round 1

2nd - 3rd Grades


This 2-3 elective focuses on social skills and teamwork. Non-competitive team-building activities help students learn how to work together and create a positive learning environment. Activities will encourage students to accomplish something as a team using listening skills, creativity and bonding with each other. This class meets on Fridays.

The Music of America

Students who participate in this unit will explore the music of America. We will learn about the

songs,instruments, and performance styles of Native Americans, the influence of immigrants on music in the United States, and the music and lives of notable American composers. Daily lessons will also include instruction in music notation..This class meets two days per week.

Paper Bag Sculptures

Students will learn about three-dimensional sculpture before constructing their own tree sculptures using brown paper bags and colorful tissue paper. Students will add details to make their trees unique.


If your student loves books and would just like to do a read-aloud and have some extra time to read a favorite book after exploring our library, this is the perfect special for them.