Green city explanation

By Cooper Warman

Explanation of my city

I have based my city on Perth if I had founded it in Australia in 2014. I have put the city in a different spot so that it has more ways to access it and they are much easier. I have put the building and the airport and the factories away from the housing because then the people in the houses wouldn't be woken up by the noise of the plane or by everyone getting to their offices and making a loud noise or if you go outside, you would smell smoke if you lived close to factories. The reason I named my city the green city was because I wanted to make it environmentally friendly and not cause a lot of pollution so people would want to live in it. these are five reason why it is environmentally friendly:

I have spaced the buildings out so that everyone can get natural sunlight instead of fake artificial lighting.

It has parks and playgrounds in between the buildings so that the people working in the offices don't get fat and circular.

I have no roads but I have a lot of light train tracks so that passengers can get around easily without causing to much pollution.

I have put pools on the tops of some of the houses so that they don't have to go out and play soccer if they don't want to. They can go and swim.

I have also added in a lot of boats so that with the help of the trains, it is much easier and faster to get around.

These are the main reasons why My green city is really environmentally friendly.