Survival Guide

for The Sahara Desert


The Sahara desert is located in Africa.It is extremely hot in the desert.In the Sahara there are sand dunes,sand seas called ergs, also gravel plains,25% is mostly sand dunes!The temperatures range from 86% but on the hottest months it can exceed to 122%!!

Steps to survive!

In order to survive you must follow these steps.

1st Stay as hydrated as possible before going out.

2nd Take along food that packs the most nutrition in the least size and weight.

3rd Wear wicking fabrics with a UPF of at least 30 as a base layer, and take along one warming layer (wool or fleece) and one windbreak layer.

4th Travel at night when possible; the cooler air enables you to travel farther and faster with minimum danger of heat exhaustion.

The Animals in the Sahara

Peyote Cactus!

This cactus has very thick stems which holds back water for a reltivaley long period of time.This characteristic is very affective because it prevents evaporation of water from the leaves!!