Our Icy Home!

By: Kenneth Nelson & Yyasin Ward

What Caused The Last Ice Age?

During the past billion years, the Earth's climate has fluctuated between warm periods sometimes even completely ice-free and cold periods, when glaciers scour the continents.

How The Wooly Mammoth Survived!

A wooly mammoth was one of the organisms that survived the ice age. Some things to help the mammoth survive the ice age was its massave size, trunk, fur, and tusks. The mammoth is about the size of the modern african elaphant, around 9-11 ft. The mammoths thick long fur helped keep it warm.The tusks and the trunk were used for foreging for food and fighting off preditors and other rivals.
Ice Age Mammals - Footprints of the Ice Age - part 7 of 14

The Last Ice Age.

The last ice age that took place on the earth was about two million years ago and the name of this ice age was the Quaterary ice age.

Was There An Astronomical Event?

There wasn't really an astronomical event that started or took place in the ice age but there was a big temperature drop around the world.