Penguins around the world

By Collin wilson

Have you ever wondered about Penguins in New Zealand, Australia, the Galapagos and Antarctica? Well, I'm your guy, I am going to tell you about their survival techniques, abilities of penguins, and a penguins life cycle.

Perpetuation penguins

Have you ever wondered how penguins survive in the icy cold chills of Antarctica? Well there is three strong layers of feathers and blubber. The first layer is the feathers, they are water proof and sleek to slide on ice, also to get in the water that's tempeture can drop to -58F! 32F is freezing -58F is 90F below freezing, is that not crazy!. The next layer is called down. It conserves heat to keep the penguin warm in the icy water, so the penguin has two layers of protection against the icy chills of The Antarctic Ocean. The third layer is blubber, so the penguin does not get cold when it is not moving. For example when they are huddled together in blizzards and are standing still.

Sleek sliding

Penguins will always have a way of getting around. Like sliding on their stomachs to get around fast instead of waddeling. Another ability is they make an ear shattering noise to find a mate, a young, or parents. Penguins can also jump out of the water really fast, To get pray for example, a penguin would dive down then swim as fast as possible up in to a school of fish then keep going up, and once they are out of the water they face down and land on the nearest ice burg and eat the fish then jump back in the water.

A penguins cycle

Did you know a penguin will spend up to two months in the Atarctic Ocean? a penguin will spend most it's life time in the water, for example a female emperor penguin will leave for 2 to 3 months to gather food for her young. Another fact is a penguin will spend most of its life in water. Once a penguin is born it will wait at leased a month till it gets its proper feathers, and then it is off to the ocean. A penguin is born with the knowledge to swim so once it has its proper feathers it is swimming. Reading a book on penguins is not enough go to