The father of songs

Orpheus life and death

He was a legendary musician, poet, and prophet in ancient Greek religion and myth. He had a great ability to charm all living things and even stones with his music. He made money as a musician and "wizard." Orpheus had a weeding to get married to Eurydice, where "The snake bite" happened. During a song that both of them were dancing to, a snake crawled in the high grass where they were, and bit and killed Eurydice. He made an attempt to retrieve his wife, Eurydice, from the underworld, and his death was at the hands of those who could not hear his godly music. Orpheus also performed in different types of art like poetry, film, opera, music, and painting. Orpheus, later in his life, his life derided the worship of all gods except the sun, which he called Apollo. One day, Orpheus went out to worship Apollo, after not worshiping the other gods, and was killed by a man named Thracian Maenads. Orpheus had stopped from the love of women, either because things ended badly for him, or because he had sworn to do so. Knowing this, many felt a longing to be in a relationship with the poet, and many hated rejection. Orpheus is the symbol of Lyre. He is claimed by Aristophanes and Horace to have taught cannibals to subsist on fruit, and to have made lions and tigers obedient to him. Orpheus is a mortal, who lived and died in a village close to Olympus. Orpheus is said to have been born in the village of Gela in southern Bulgaria.

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