school of dragons

the best game

the awesome game school of dragons

its is so fun and addictive as soon as a started i could not stop playing it.

So many dragons

you can get many kinds of different dragons from Gronckles to Nightfurries.
School of Dragons - Launch Trailer
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hideous zippleback

this dragon has two heads and burps out fire and gas and destroys whatever is in its way
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deadly nadder

this dragon is fast and it has spikes all the way down its back and shoots out fire balls and spikes off its back to defend themself
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this dragon is a powerful dragon and can only get bought by a member
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monsterous nightmare

this dragon is a big dragon that lights its back on fire to send the enemy flying
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whispering death

this dragon digs underground and dives at its enemy
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this dragon is a big spiky dragon who shoots out lighting to destroy dragons
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knight furry

this dragon is a strong and very rare dragon that is the most powerful dragon of them all