DISD Ed Tech News

October 2015

Hello Staff!

Welcome to my first Ed Tech Newsletter. I'll try to send these out periodically to keep you up to date on upcoming training opportunities and just some fun Ed Tech things that you might want to check out. These will be short so you can glance through them in a matter of minutes.

I'm here to help you with your classroom technology use needs and I'm always available to come and help you or to offer trainings on topics that you want to know more about. At the bottom of this little newsletter you will find a listing of the upcoming Technology Trainings available for you to register for in Eduphoria.

Rhonda Artho

Instructional Technology Coordinator

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Digital Halloween Magnetic Poetry

Check out Kasey Bell's Halloween Magnetic Poetry for a fun classroom interactive! If you don't follow Kasey at ShakeUpLearning.com you should definitely check out her great tutorials and resources.

Halloween Magnetic Poetry with Google Drawings http://buff.ly/1VDvY4i

Upcoming Ed Tech Trainings for November & December

November -

11/3/15 - Self Grading Quizzes using Google Forms and Flubaroo

11/5/15 - Discovery Education Training

11/10/15 - BrainPop ESL Training

11/12/15 - Google Docs in the Classroom Training

11/16/15 - Microsoft Publisher Training - fun stuff!

11/24/15 - BrainPop/BrainPop Junior Training

December -

12/1/15 - Google Classroom Training

12/3/15 - Self Grading Quizzes using Google Forms and Flubaroo

12/8/15 - Google Apps & Extensions Training

12/10/15 - Screencasting for the Classroom Training

12/15/15 - Google Classroom Training

12/17/15 - TexQuest Resources Training

Don't see what you're looking for? Ask and we'll set up a training for you - one-on-one, on your campus, or district wide.

Setting Startup Pages in Google Chrome

One of the things I get asked about often is how to get your favorite pages to open automatically when you start your Chrome browser. Many of you have already done this but if you haven't and want to know how, here you go!

Save time navigating to your most frequented sites by setting them as your startup pages. Go to settings (the "three hot dogs" in the upper left), then under “On Startup”, click “Set Pages”. Enter the URLs of your favorite websites and then save. Now every time you boot up Chrome those pages will automatically open.

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My Favorite Screenshot Tool

I like to use screenshots like those above when explaining something visually. If you are using one of our district's Windows computers you have a "Snipping Tool" built into your computer that you can use for this. If you go to the Windows Tiles view (little Windows icon in the lower left of your screen) you will find a tile with that name. It lets you make small screenshots of any portion of your computer screen. My favorite tool, however, is a little free program called Jing. You can download it at www.jingproject.com. It allows you to take screenshots or even short videos, add arrows and text, etc. It's a nice tool and would be useful when designing instructions and tutorials for students.