May KUDOS & News

What's in a name?

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April was an extra fabulous month!

What a great month of sales everyone!

Rachelle $5901.00

Wiesje and Minette $2778.00 (yay! -the bonus 5% added to your paycheck!)

Nora $1615.00

Sonya $1277.00

Janine $ 757.00

Wiesje and Minette win the triple wrap Wanderlust bracelet! Congrats!

Those of you who didn't have a show this month- no worries! Our lives are busy and this is a flexible business. Try to get yourself on the books for May. Earn some extra $ for yourself! Host your own Spring Fling. Keep your business rolling. April 25th was my "Stella-versary" and I can say it does get easier to book shows. I had a girl email me this morning wanting to book a show- a friend of my last hostess recommended me. Word gets around girls! It's worth it to build your own jewelry wardrobe (for free) at the very least! LOL! Home office is doing more than their part by promoting the heck out of this great brand- it's everywhere! Good Morning America, Kelly Ripa, Katy Perry, Reese Witherspoon (thankfully not in her recent mugshot!). It is a brand that people are talking about and it's only going to get easier to sell.

I big sparkly welcome to my fantastic friend Tara Semenoff, who not only started a new corporate job last month, after staying home with her boys for the past several years, but also joined our team! She's got a million-watt smile and a personality to match. I know you'll be a fabulous stylist Tara!


Anyone who qualifies (sells $500 or more) by May 20th will be entered to win a $20 Starbucks card! The added bonus is you'll get double GALM GETAWAY points also! That's one little show or a few outside orders. Go for it!

What's in a name?


I have been informed that I need to pick a team name. A year ago I had no idea I'd have a team but here I am and I need some inspiration! Please submit any names you think would be fun. There will be a prize for the best name. Thanks! Please email me your names ASAP as I need to give a name by Monday! Thanks!

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